Convalidation Services, LLC is an International Student documentation service specializing in the Apostille and Convalidation process of transcripts and diplomas issued by US High Schools to International Students.

Where we differ from other companies is we do not require you to send us the documents in order to start the process. We work for you from the beginning by requesting the documents from the school to insure they are accurate and have all the proper documentation for the service you request.

Our Services include:

  • Official Transcript includes school stamp and signature (non-notarized)
  • Notarized Official Transcript includes school stamp and signature
  • Official Diploma (non-notarized)
  • Notarized Official Diploma
  • Apostille Service (includes notarized transcript request)
  • Consulate service (Italian students, does not include Apostille Service)
  • Transcript letter (Spain students – explains the transcript)
  • School Declaration Letter (Italian students – shows attendance)
  • Customized letter from school

Contact Us @ 479-777-7040